Final issue of SMOO available now


SMOO #10, my new 44 page zine of comics and stories, is available now.

It’s the story of a year, but also the story of a lot of other things (or one big thing, perhaps): reflections on moving, birds, waterfalls at Easter and blossom, Toronto, and swimming in creeks and growing things in gardens.

#10 is also the last ever issue of SMOO.

I’ve been making the zine since 2007, and I’ve learned nearly everything I know about making comics and zines and telling stories from doing it. It’s given me lots of opportunities and I’ve met lots of amazing people from making it. It’s how I’ve made sense of my life and of who I am, too.

SMOO came with its own set of rules, however unconsciously written, that have helped shape and guide the comic over the years. But now it’s time to set those aside and try something new.

So there you go. More zines, more comics. Just no more SMOO.