SMOO 9 reviews

My latest zine, SMOO #9 has had a couple more great reviews from Andy Oliver (Broken Frontier) and Richard Bruton (Forbidden Planet International).


“If you’re unsure of Moreton’s work, suffice it to say that this is another chapter in a wonderful series, comics as lyrical things, minimalist poetry, the reader’s imagination important in filling in things, drawing every ounce of meaning from the few lines on the page. And although there may be few lines, every one is important, every one contributes, simplicity is truly beautiful”.

 Richard Bruton, Forbidden Planet International

“In some ways [the inclusion of prose is] a quantum shift in storytelling terms from a creator whose work usually invites the reader to take their own meaning from its pages. What the prose offerings do retain in their own way, however, is Moreton’s skilful ability to speak to his audience on a shared emotional level – to engender, as he always does, empathic feelings based on similar life experiences… it’s Moreton’s command of the page even in these written passages that most impresses – the timing, the pacing, the impact as he breaks up paragraphs across pages to evoke an emotional response from  the audience is sublime in its delivery.”

Andy Oliver, Broken Frontier

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