12 Month Zine Subscription

Get everything I make in a year sent directly to your door! 

Zines! Drawings! Art! Things!

For a limited time, I’m offering a subscription service where, for one up-front payment, I’ll send you a copy of everything I make in a twelve month period!

What will I get?

You’ll receive:

  • new issues of my autobiographical comic zine, SMOO*
  • other zines of comics, writing, and drawing
  • original artwork
  • letters
  • other stuff

The subscription runs from June 29th 2015 to June 28th 2016. Please note, the sub won’t include things I’ve released before the start date, nor things of mine published by other people. If you’re already a SMOO subscriber and would like to take part in this, get in touch and we can sort something out.

What does it cost?

UK £35 inc P&P
Overseas £50 inc P&P

Subscribe by June 16th 2015!

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