SMOO 9 to debut at TCAF




The other night I sat down and drew the ninth issue of my autobiographical zine, SMOO.

This issue builds on the events described in SMOO 8, and continues a trend of quick drawings, quiet stories, a few words. It also features two prose pieces, which is a first for SMOO.

I reflected recently that the early issues of SMOO tended to focus on looking back to particular periods in my life (childhood,my early twenties, teenage years etc) because they were being made at a time when perhaps I didn’t feel able to look at my present.

Things have changed a lot, and this issue feels like I’m starting to look outwards and forwards. Building on the previous issue, this zine deals with people passing, processing grief, time passing, doubt; family, a happy return to Falmouth, a birth, growth; the recursive themes of life.

The zine will debut at Toronto Comic Arts Festival (TCAF) in May, with subscriber copies and pre-orders shipping  late May.

Available for pre-order here.