Two weeks left on the Kickstarter for Plans We Made

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We’ve got two weeks left on the Kickstarter for Plans We Made, my first ever full length book of original work. It’s being published by Grimalkin Press, a US micro-publisher, and (hopefully) being distributed in conjunction with Uncivilized Books.

We’ve raised about $4,500 which is incredible, but there are another $2,000 to go. Kickstarters often start strong and then loose pace towards the end, before a mini-boost at the end. The thing is, this middle bit is really tough. To make this book happen – and there is a chance it won’t happen, or definitely not soon if we don’t get the funds – we need all the help we can get.

So if you’re thinking about getting the book, now is a perfect time. We’ve got original artwork, zines and books from Grimalkin on offer as rewards. You’d be making a dream come true, and I’d be forever grateful.

Take a look at the Kickstarter here