Kickstarter launched for Plans We Made!

I’m really excited to announce that my publisher, Grimalkin Press is running a Kickstarter so we can raise funds to get Plans We Made, my new book, printed in time to get it a proper national distribution!

I can hardly believe this thing I made might be about to see the light of day. It’s my first ever full length book and it’s been an ambition to see something like this happen for the longest time. I’m so proud and kind of nervous, too.

What’s even more exciting is that acclaimed publisher Uncivilized Books, who have released amazing works by Sam AldenSophie Yanow and more, will be distributing it! This means my book should hit shops and stores all over the place.

This is where the Kickstarter comes in. In order to get the book printed in time for Unciv’s Fall Schedule, we’ve had to move the printing ahead. This means raising funds earlier than we anticipated – it could take months, even a year or two, to raise them ourselves.

So please watch the video, and have a think – if you could support this it would be a dream come true.

You can back the Kickstarter here

Finally, to celebrate the imminent release of my new zine, SMOO 8, and this Kickstarter, I thought I’d reflect on some of the comics I’ve made over the last couple of years. These blog posts will be going up over every couple of days over the next couple of weeks!

Here are some pages. Read more about what the book is about here.

09_Plans 25_Plans 57_Plans 113_Plans