Choose Your Own November


As you may know if you’re a follower of my work, I try and take part in #30DaysComics every year. This involves drawing a comic a day, each day of November.

I’ve taken part to differing levels of success in 2011, 2012, and 2013. I normally do something vaguely diary related, and use the constraints of having to produce something quickly everyday to experiment with different ways of drawing.

This year I aimed to produce a printed thing every few days. Working in this way is helping me explore two things. First, how the form a comic takes when it is printed provides you with different ways to tell a story, like by having the reader unfold pages in order to see the whole story, and second, how you can tell a story that reaches across lots of little printed pieces, rather than just in the pages of one book.

I ended up making eleven zines.

You can now buy a bundle of all of the zines I made – but hurry; there are only 30 bundles available!