Minor Leagues #9: Contains part four of ‘Where?’ (zine, Lydstep Lettuce, late 2019)
Minor Leagues #8: Contains part three of ‘Where?’ (zine, Lydstep Lettuce, summer 2019)
Little Leagues #2: (zine, Lydstep Lettuce, late spring 2019)
Lettuce Bee: (anthology zine, Lydstep Lettuce, spring 2019)


Minor Leagues #7: Contains part two of ‘Where?’ (zine, Lydstep Lettuce, available here)


Little Leagues #1: (zine, Lydstep Lettuce, available here)
Minor Leagues #6: Contains part one of ‘Where?’ my new book (zine, Lydstep Lettuce, available here)
Athens (Αθήνα) (zine, Lydstep Lettuce, available here)
Minor Leagues #5 (zine, Lydstep Lettuce, available here)


Minor Leagues #4 (zine, Lydstep Lettuce, – available here )
Minor Leagues #3 (zine, Lydstep Lettuce – available here)


Minor Leagues #2 (zine, Lydstep Lettuce – available here)
What Happened (pamphlet comic, Kilgore Comics – available here)
Garden (zine, Lydstep Lettuce – available here)
Rain ( collection of short comics, Lydstep Lettuce – out of print)
Minor Leagues #1 (zine, Lydstep Lettuceavailable as individual issues or four issue subscriptions)


SMOO #10 (self-published zine – out of print)
Plans We Made (Book: Uncivilized Books, USA order here, UK order here)
Bright Nights (split zine with Jason Martin  UK edition available here)
Decorating (self-published zine – out of print)
Monument Road (redrawn second edition w/ new epilogue – out of print)
A Day Out (self-published zine, illustrated prose – out of print)
SMOO #9 (self-published zine – out of print)
SMOO #8 (self-published zine – out of print)


Choose Your Own November (self-published – out of print)
Days (Book, Avery Hill Publishing. Collects SMOO #4 – #6, and selected anthology appearances. Available here)
Monument Road (self-published – out of print)
スムーコミックス (published by Sotokaramita Press, Japan: Japanese translations of selected stories – out of print)


Blinking/Twitching (split zine with Warren Craghead – available here)
SMOO #7 (self-published – out of print)
Holiday (self-published – out of print)
Grand Gestures (Retrofit Publishing – out of print)


SMOO #6 (self-published – out of print)
SMOO #5 (self-published – out of print)
SMOO #4 (self-published – out of print)


Sorry Entertainer (newspaper anthology. Co-editor, self-published: out of print)
Escapologist #2 (self-published – out of print)
Escapologist #1 (self-published – out of print)


SMOO #3 (self-published – out of print)
SMOO #2 1/2 (self-published – out of print)
SMOO #2 (self-published – out of print)
Days (diary comic collection: self-published – out of print)
Lisbon (self-published – out of print)


SMOO #1 (self-published – out of print)

Selected anthology appearances:

Revista Larva
Not My Small Diary #18: Pets
Not My Small Diary #17: High School
s #11: Artventurous (kuš!)
Unknown Origins and Untimely Ends (Hic & Hoc)
DECADENCE #9 (out of print)
Moonshot Magazine
Off Life #1 (out of print)
Bear Pit (various issues)

You can also read a potted history of SMOO Comics (2007 – 2013) here.