Minor Leagues


Minor Leagues is my regular zine series. It features comics, drawings, stories, poems and writing of all kinds.

It’s about stuff that’s happened – part diary, part remembering stuff, trying to get at that feeling of hey what is it to be anything at all?

The first issue was released at the end of March 2016, and since then there’ve been stories about travelling in Mississippi, the death of my father, teenage adventures, childhood explorations, supermarkets, rainstorms, death, life, places, people, and our cat.

You can buy issues individually, or sign up for a four issue subscription. Visit my shop for more information.

“I like honesty of emotion; I like humour that has truth as a foundation; I like originality of vision; I like the beauty of the ordinary. Minor Leagues has all of this.” Nathan Penlington, Syndicated Zine Reviews

“The best work of his career” – Rob Clough, High Low Comics

“Every perfectly captured rite of passage he depicts speaks to us so eloquently because we have either lived it, or will live it, too.” – Andy Oliver, Broken Frontier

“I’d gladly read Minor Leagues regardless of topic” – Jim Joyce, Razorcake

“There’s something about Simon Moreton’s quiet observations and unique style that are magnetic to me. Here’s to more Minor Leagues.”  – Jonathan Valelly, Broken Pencil

Shortlisted for ‘Best New Series’ in the Broken Frontier 2016 Awards.


Six Conversations

I collaborated with artist collective Circumstance on Six Conversations which is…

“a hand-made limited edition set of books that work in harmony with a custom made mobile application. The digital and print do not just add to each other, they are interdependent, one story told across two platforms. This collection of books invites you to experience stories in a diversity of forms, all taking place somewhere between your ears and your hands. From a simple exchange of words, to illustration, photography and journeys, each of these six pieces offers a different way to be present within the narrative.”

I made some drawings and one of the books is a story told across those drawings and a recorded conversation. You can buy a copy here

[image credit – circumstance]

What Happened

What Happened is a comic about the first blushes of attraction, change, and being twelve years old in 1995. It has been published by Kilgore Books as part of their Autumn Lineup.

Available here.

44 pages, black and white contents, full colour covers.

Released September 2016.

“With What Happened, Simon Moreton continues to show why he is one of the most interesting cartoonists working in comics today, and, thankfully, small presses like Kilgore Books exist to publish his work.”


– Daniel Elkin, Comics Bulletin


“Moreton’s work here is remarkable, and well worth your time”


– Alex Hoffman, Sequential State


Lydstep Library

The Lydstep Library is a series of self-published pamphlets that look at the world around us. The first in the series is called Garden.

Lydstep Lettuce

lydstep_logo_smallLydstep Lettuce is a publishing imprint I run with my partner. We release our work in small print runs and hopefully in the future maybe other people’s art, too. Everything is printed and trimmed and assembled at home.


Plans We Made

plans-we-made-cover-212pxPlans We Made is my debut graphic novel about teenage years spent in the suburbs of South East England in the late 1990s. It’s a quiet story, with only a handful of words, drawn in pencil in a one week sprint in winter 2014. It’s about being young, I guess, but probably about being a grown-up too.

162 pages. Published by Uncivilized Books.

Appears at Number 6 in Daniel Elkin’s Best Comics of 2015

“An honest, gentle, and bittersweet account of the feeling of having close friends, a first love and a place to explore.”


– Rob Clough, High/Low


“His loose, sweeping lines add to the unending feel of his summers. The abstract spaces he creates are without boundaries so that the world feels large and full of possibilities.”  


Scott Cederlund, Panel Patter


“You can read this excellent book quickly, but you won’t be done with it for a while”


– Pete Redrup, The Quietus



You can order a copy from me HERE (UK).

You can order from Uncivilized HERE  (USA).

SMOO Comics

SMOO was my self-published series of autobiographical comics and writing. The first issue was published in May 2008, and issues 4 – 6 have been republished by Avery Hill Publishing as a book called Days. Issue 10, the final issue, was released in December 2015.

The comics deal with things that have happened to me, the quiet moments of everyday life, how memories are slippery, and how landscapes leave their mark on who we are.

“Moreton’s ruminations on life, memory, environment and identity in the pages of Smoo have been so much more than just autobiography over the years. They’ve been a pool of shared experience, an emotional meeting point, and a haunting reminder of the commonality of the human condition.” – Andy Oliver, Broken Frontier


“Moreton is using the comics medium to its greatest extent, encouraging us to derive every possible ounce of meaning from the imagery he presents.” – Richard Bruton, Forbidden Planet International




Days_-_Front_CoverReleased by Avery Hill Publishing, this book collects issues 4, 5 and 6 of my now finished series, SMOO and selected anthology comics from the period 2011-2012. Stories about suburbs, seasides, houses, homes, swimming in ponds, swimming at night, feeling lost, feeling found, routines and art.

“There’s nothing overly expressive, but absolutely nothing hidden either: there’s a moving intimacy in Days’ simplicity, an openness and frankness that astounds.”


– Robert Wallis, A Place to Hang Your Cape

You can buy it here

Talks and workshops

I give talks around a number of themes related to the things I make. I’ve spoken about things including depression and zines to the Royal Geographical Society, and community and comics at the Graphic Medicine Conference. I’ve convened panels at comics events such as Toronto Comic Art Festival in Canada and appeared on panels the Small Press Expo in Bethesda, Maryland, the Bristol Comics Expo and ELCAF. I’ve also spoken at meetups like Laydeez Do Comics and Design Stuff.

I also sometimes run workshops getting people to explore their own creative voices, particularly focused on drawing and making zines. I’ve taught workshops at the University of Toronto to Biomedical Communications Students, and been a Visiting Artist at the Center for Cartoon Studies in Vermont.

Get in touch if you’d like to find out more.

“Our students create informational images all the time as medical-illustrators-in-training, but Simon’s workshop brought something completely fresh to the table. He re-awakened their excitement about drawing as a tool for observation, reflection, and encounters with the world. Simon is not only a deft, intelligent comics creator; he is also an impassioned and inspiring presenter.”


Shelley Wall, Assistant Professor of Biomedical Communications, University of Toronto


image credit: Design Stuff Bristol