“…quite simply, [Moreton] is one of the most important and intelligent creative voices in current U.K. small press comics”

Andy Oliver, Broken Frontier



“With What Happened, Simon Moreton continues to show why he is one of the most interesting cartoonists working in comics today, and, thankfully, small presses like Kilgore Books exist to publish his work.”

– Daniel Elkin, Comics Bulletin


“In all things I like honesty of emotion; I like humour that has truth as a foundation; I like originality of vision; I like the beauty of the ordinary. Minor Leagues #1 has all of this.”

– Nathan Penlington, Syndicated Zine Reviews

“Minor Leagues is that tall boy of a zine that I need when American artists alone can’t meet my craving for pint of life comics. Recommended reading!”

– Jim Joyce, Razorcake


“Moreton’s ruminations on life, memory, environment and identity in the pages of Smoo have been so much more than just autobiography over the years. They’ve been a pool of shared experience, an emotional meeting point, and a haunting reminder of the commonality of the human condition.”

– Andy Oliver, Broken Frontier


“Plans We Made sings softly that which could have been, quietly humming a backbeat of instances of regret and of unadulterated joy, paring it down to the shadowline between substance and articulation. This, my friends, is a beautiful book.”

– Daniel Elkin, Your Chicken Enemy

“His loose, sweeping lines add to the unending feel of his summers. The abstract spaces he creates are without boundaries so that the world feels large and full of possibilities.”

Scott Cederlund, Panel Patter



“Where comics meet poetry. Sometimes funny, sad or just plain truthful it’s a hugely satisfying read.”

– Tony Esmond, Beardrock.

“There’s nothing overly expressive, but absolutely nothing hidden either: there’s a moving intimacy in Days’ simplicity, an openness and frankness that astounds.”

– Robert Wallis, A Place to Hang Your Cape




Folded, stapled, and presented as SMOO, these are experimental comics in a true sense—changing public perception of what a comic can be while insisting on the authenticity of emotional content” Frances Carbines, for Women Write about Comics

“Moreton’s restrained approach in both his writing and his illustration creates a quiet, meditative style that’s a perfect vehicle for his reflections.” Tom Murphy for Broken Frontier

“I think Moreton makes us cling to to the partial images he gives us of a place or a memory and look at them really intensely, because the parts we can’t see have a sublime quality that plays off of the beauty and elegance of the drawings.” Peter Wilkins for Graphixia.