SMOO Comics


SMOO was my self-published series of autobiographical comics and writing. The first issue was published in May 2008, and issues 4 – 6 have been republished by Avery Hill Publishing as a book called Days. Issue 10, the final issue, was released in December 2015.

The comics deal with things that have happened to me, the quiet moments of everyday life, how memories are slippery, and how landscapes leave their mark on who we are.

“Moreton’s ruminations on life, memory, environment and identity in the pages of Smoo have been so much more than just autobiography over the years. They’ve been a pool of shared experience, an emotional meeting point, and a haunting reminder of the commonality of the human condition.” – Andy Oliver, Broken Frontier


“Moreton is using the comics medium to its greatest extent, encouraging us to derive every possible ounce of meaning from the imagery he presents.” – Richard Bruton, Forbidden Planet International