Minor Leagues

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Minor Leagues features comics, drawings, stories, poems and writing of all kinds.

It is my regular zine series.

The first issue was released at the end of March 2016, and features 100 pages stories about how days go by, a video rental shop, walking, travelling in Mississippi, a snowball fight from 1995 and more.

Shortlisted for ‘Best New Series’ in the Broken Frontier 2016 Awards.

You can buy issues individually, or sign up for a four issue subscription. Visit my shop for more information.

“In all things I like honesty of emotion; I like humour that has truth as a foundation; I like originality of vision; I like the beauty of the ordinary. Minor Leagues #1 has all of this.” Nathan Penlington

“Minor Leagues #1 … is a quiet, beautiful, mournful book that is just what we all need to read.” – Daniel Elkin