Choose Your Own November

Choose Your Own November was a limited edition bundle of 12 zines I made as part of #30DaysComics in November 2014. The bundle included:

  • Walk: a mini concertina zine
  • Liberty Lane: a 12 page A6 zine
  • Hills: a little flip down zine thing
  • Thirty Months: a mini-zine with a fold out centre spread
  • Train: a tall, narrow 8 page zine
  • America: a 16 page, A6 zine
  • Crows: a 4 page sort-of-square zine
  • Colliery Ghosts: an 8 page square zine
  • Monument Road Pt 2: a 20 page, A6 zine which is  a sequel to another zine from this year
  • Guide: A tiny 16 page zine with a fold out map
  • Vermont: an 20 page A6 zine, done in collaboration with Ali Bamford
  • Untitled: a blank zine for you to fill in
  • A leaflet with info about all the zines

They zines were all reflections on a month, living here in Bristol, looking backwards and forwards in time. All drawn in thick, dark pencil, they all fit together more or less. They were made quickly, usually in a couple of hours.


P1030175 P1030176 P1030181 P1030180