Minor Leagues #4


Minor Leagues #4 is available now.

Life after death, looking backwards and forwards. Comics and stories about livin’, including: gigging with Atomic Kitten, countryside exploration, getting lost in a bog, growing pains, working, being.

Printed and assembled at home.

– A5 (148 mm x 210 mm)
– 82 pages
– prose, drawings, comics
– blue front cover/yellow end papers/green rear cover
– B&W throughout

£4/£3/£2 (available on a pay-what-you-can-afford basis)

Available here

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New zines // speaking at East London Comic Arts Festival

I’ve made two new zines which will be debuting at ELCAF next week.

Garden is about our garden and is part of the new Lydstep Library series. Rain is a collection of comics and stories based on prompts given to me by some of my regular readers.

Pre-order here: Garden // Rain

I’ll also be appearing on a panel at ELCAF about Championing Comics on Friday10th June at 5pm. Full info here

SMOO MEGA DEAL – 3 issues for £5

IMG_5377_words copy

Get the final three issues of SMOO for ONLY £5 + P&P

Between 2007 and 2015, I made a zine called SMOO. It was full of comics about my life, trying to make sense of who I was, who I might be. The series ended at issue 10 and early issues are long out of print, while 4, 5, and 6 were collected in a book called Days from Avery Hill Publishing.

Now to mark the end of SMOO you can get the final three issues all together for only £5 + P&P.

Over 100 pages of comics and stories across 3 A6 zines: bird-watching, a breakup; struggles with alcohol; sadness and anxiety, happiness; trips to the seaside, trips to the countryside; people passing, new lives, literal and metaphorical; quietness;  a recipe for fruit salad.

The zines come with a little drawing.

Buy copies here!

Minor Leagues #1 available now

cover better_sm

The first issue of my new zine, Minor Leagues is available now

Contains 100 pages of comics, drawings, stories and writing about how days go by, a video rental shop, walking, travelling in Mississippi, a snowball fight from 1995 and more. Thinking a lot about how things and people come and go.

It picks up where my last series SMOO left off, detailing things that happened to me, but expands it to bring in bigger questions and other thoughts, as well as lots more words. I hope this series will run and run. Four issue subscriptions are available here.

Like most of my zines, this is printed and assembled at home.

  • A5 (148x210mm)
  • 100 pages, on off-white recycled paper stock
  • faded blue card cover
  • side staple binding
  • b&w throughout

£4 + P&P – order a copy here

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Final issue of SMOO available now


SMOO #10, my new 44 page zine of comics and stories, is available now.

It’s the story of a year, but also the story of a lot of other things (or one big thing, perhaps): reflections on moving, birds, waterfalls at Easter and blossom, Toronto, and swimming in creeks and growing things in gardens.

#10 is also the last ever issue of SMOO.

I’ve been making the zine since 2007, and I’ve learned nearly everything I know about making comics and zines and telling stories from doing it. It’s given me lots of opportunities and I’ve met lots of amazing people from making it. It’s how I’ve made sense of my life and of who I am, too.

SMOO came with its own set of rules, however unconsciously written, that have helped shape and guide the comic over the years. But now it’s time to set those aside and try something new.

So there you go. More zines, more comics. Just no more SMOO.



Bright Nights, new comic out now!

Bright_Nights_cover_smBright Nights is a new collection of comics by me and Bay Area zine-maker, Jason Martin.

The eight stories capture memories and feelings of long nights, from post-party sunrises, to bittersweet New Year’s Eve celebrations, to walks in the snow, drives through the countryside and the slow progress of growing up.

Jason and I have been trading zines for at least five years and in that time we’ve become friends. We’ve been talking about making this split zine for a lot of that time, and we finally did it! I’m really proud of what we made. Jason’s work carries a quiet, gentle grace and I’m really excited to share the pages of a zine with him.

I’m selling a slightly different version to Jason, which is smaller in dimensions so it can be printed on UK paper. As with most of my zines, this one is printed at home and trimmed by hand.

You can order it here

02_FifteenGualala_3_final_lzw 02_nineteenBlessings_2_Final_lzw 04_sixteen

A day out: new zine available now


A Day Out is my new zine, about a trip we took from Budleigh to Exmouth to Exeter. Reflects on old haunts, and being attuned to where you are. Not much happens, but perhaps a lot happens, too.

  • A6 (105x148mm)
  • 32 pages of prose and drawings
  • 14 full page illustrations
  • White card cover
  • B&W throughout

You can order it here

Also, I’ve recently purchased a printer and a guillotine, so I can do all my printing in house. It’s exciting. Currently a whole bunch of these zines are sitting under weights, waiting to be trimmed.

Finally, I’ve got two more releases planned for this month (International Zine Month!), but I’ll talk more about them as and when they get finished.

Only a week left to subscribe!

TCAF_excerpt Not long left to sign up to my new subscription service.

For a whole year you can get everything I make, from new issues of SMOO, zines, comics, writing, drawings, letters, original art and who knows what else.

I’m giving this a go because I want to experiment a bit more with what I make, and raise some funds to help support the costs associated with that. But mostly, I’m doing it because I want to connect a bit more with the people who read my zines – you’re the reason I keep going.

So if you like minimal drawings, quiet stories, comics about landscapes, daytrips, nature, birds, travelling, do consider giving this a go. Fans of johnporcellino, Warren craghead,olivereast or situology will hopefully enjoy it.

It’s £35 for the UK, £50 overseas, and runs from 29th June 2015 to 28th June 2016.

Sign up by June 16th

All the details here.
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SMOO 9 reviews

My latest zine, SMOO #9 has had a couple more great reviews from Andy Oliver (Broken Frontier) and Richard Bruton (Forbidden Planet International).


“If you’re unsure of Moreton’s work, suffice it to say that this is another chapter in a wonderful series, comics as lyrical things, minimalist poetry, the reader’s imagination important in filling in things, drawing every ounce of meaning from the few lines on the page. And although there may be few lines, every one is important, every one contributes, simplicity is truly beautiful”.

 Richard Bruton, Forbidden Planet International

“In some ways [the inclusion of prose is] a quantum shift in storytelling terms from a creator whose work usually invites the reader to take their own meaning from its pages. What the prose offerings do retain in their own way, however, is Moreton’s skilful ability to speak to his audience on a shared emotional level – to engender, as he always does, empathic feelings based on similar life experiences… it’s Moreton’s command of the page even in these written passages that most impresses – the timing, the pacing, the impact as he breaks up paragraphs across pages to evoke an emotional response from  the audience is sublime in its delivery.”

Andy Oliver, Broken Frontier

Buy the zine here