New website; more news, soon.

Well, I’ve finally launched a new website. It’ll probably need a few tweaks here and there, and I’m still working on the mobile version, but here it is for now. I’ll continue to maintain the tumblr, but all the shop and other functions of that old site have moved here.

You can also find me on Twitter (@smoo_comics) and Facebook.

Finally, there is a little more information about the forthcoming Grimalkin Press book coming soon, as well as some new pages. I’m also hoping to announce some more details of a new collection, coming this Spring from a Japanese imprint, very soon.


Split zine with Jason Martin

I’m pleased to announce that my friend Jason Martin are working on a split zine together. I’ve been a fan of Jason’s for a long time, and I’m really glad we’re working together. His autobiographical comics and zines are things of understated wonder, always far greater than the sum of their parts, touching and honest. We’re hoping for a summer release.

Here’s a rough from one of my stories:



New SMOO collection from Avery Hill Publishing

I’m excited to announce that  UK comics publisher Avery Hill Publishing will be releasing a collection of my work from 2011 – 2012. It’ll comprise SMOO 4 -6, as well as selected anthology work and an essay by me about comics, drawing and self-publishing.

As these zines are on their way out of print, I’m delighted that the work will continue to be available in book form.

More news on this soon.

Avery Hill Publishing press release