Minor Leagues #1 available now

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The first issue of my new zine, Minor Leagues is available now

Contains 100 pages of comics, drawings, stories and writing about how days go by, a video rental shop, walking, travelling in Mississippi, a snowball fight from 1995 and more. Thinking a lot about how things and people come and go.

It picks up where my last series SMOO left off, detailing things that happened to me, but expands it to bring in bigger questions and other thoughts, as well as lots more words. I hope this series will run and run. Four issue subscriptions are available here.

Like most of my zines, this is printed and assembled at home.

  • A5 (148x210mm)
  • 100 pages, on off-white recycled paper stock
  • faded blue card cover
  • side staple binding
  • b&w throughout

£4 + P&P Рorder a copy here

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