SMOO 8 reviewed on Broken Frontier

Andy Oliver has written a kind and thoughtful review of SMOO 8 for Broken Frontier. He writes:

All who appreciate what Simon Moreton has brought to UK comics over the last few years will have their own opinions as to which of his works most connect with them. That’s not meant as a facile and self-evident comment but rather as an observation that the strength of so much of his material is that it echoes its audience’s own life experiences, creating a shared bond between author and reader. It’s my belief, though, that Smoo #8 is one of his most formidable offerings yet – a year of turbulence potently and unforgettably encapsulated in sequential shorthand.

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Thank You

I’m really pleased to announce that the Kickstarter to raise the print costs for Plans We Made, my new book coming out on Jordan Shiveley’s Grimalkin Press, was a success. We even exceeded our target.

This book has had a long gestation period. I’ve been in touch with Jordan since 2010 and we’ve been talking about a book since 2012. I started work on it in earnest in early 2014 and finished it in the last months of the year, and now, thanks to you lot, it’ll see the light of day.

So thank you, whoever you all are for funding or sharing or helping us along the way; it’s been a humbling and slightly nerve-wracking few weeks watching the Kickstarter tumble along, and while it’s a modest amount by comparison to other projects, every cent has made the world of difference to me and to Jordan.