I’ve finished drawing my new book!

This weekend, I finished drawing my book ‘Plans We Made’. It’s my first ever full-length book of new material. It’s nearly silent and it’s about 160 pages long.

It’s about being a teenager, I guess, but probably more about coming to terms with the difficulties of memory.I spent about a year planning, thinking, sketching, drawing and coming up with ideas – at one point I had about 70 pages drawn that I ended up having to redraw. Then last week, I took time off my day job to turn all those rough pages, early versions and ideas into the final artwork. 160 pages in 6 days!

I used one 0.5mm propelling pencil with 4B leads, two 8B pencils, A3 printer/copier paper, and a lightbox. No erasers. I worked in spreads, so I could see how the page layouts would look when you were reading the book. I also drew it at 100%, which means the size at which it was drawn is the size at which it will appear in the book (many cartoonists, myself included, will often draw at a bigger size then shrink it down to fit on the printed page).

I even finished drawing the last page to the closing strains of Plans I Make, the Husker Du song after which the book is (kinda) named. That was a little emotional. But then I had to change the words on another page, so that dampened that profound moment a little.

It’ll be out next year on Grimalkin Press. Here are some pictures.

image2 image3 image4 image5 image6 image7 image8 image9 image10